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At Webhood we just try it real. In dis line of work its alllllll about the benjamins baby! We meet up every Wednesday for our game plans, to see how we can make it rain! Zelda aka Da Money – - Whether you are just starting out or are a tech industry pro... Read More
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Dear Diary, This morning when I woke up the sun was shining bright. It felt like it was going to be a good day. I remembered that it was Wednesday, that meant the family would meet for breakfast to discuss things we are grateful for in the time of hardships. To keep each other going. I m... Read More
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Webhouse Squad. It was a morning like any other, we all got to the office still tired from yesterday's missions. But todays Wednesday…it means we all getting together to discuss what we've all find this week. I slump down in my seat and start applying my mask, my war pa... Read More
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Some websites we thought everyone could benefit from. Last week in our meeting around the sort of rectangle table' we were asked by Calvin to find a website we thought everyone at Webhouse could benefit from and then present them the following Wednesday. These are our offering... Read More
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Image. Marketing. Advertising. Three things you can't ignore when owning or running a business. Corporate Identity How we identify ourselves and how we identify with others is very important. It can make or break relationships. But what about how we portray our busin... Read More
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The Google Adwords campaign is an opportunity to use the vastness of the internet as a platform to spread the word about your business. And let's be honest, who isn't on the internet these days? It's our first port-of-call for most things, especially when searching for a company that will fulfil ... Read More
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Keeping it simple in today's day and age does not refer to dumbing things down' (ok, maybe it does a little). It is, in fact, a way of simplifying processes, outlooks, layouts, styles, guidelines and visuals in order to become more efficient', in order to maximize time, so that we can get more do... Read More
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When you get down to the nitty, gritty of it – the end-goal is always about keeping your customer happy. Your happiness goal' would be comparative to say, that of an ANC Comrade with a tender, a chubby Asian kid with a Big Mac, or a Vegan with a slab of tofu…I could go on with these ... Read More
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For graphic designers and web and software developers alike you will know that when i'm talking responsive' I'm not just talking about poking someone sitting next to you on the train who looks like they may be slipping into a coma, in hope of a response. No, I am talking about something a little ... Read More
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Ever heard of an exabyte? If you are somewhat an online fundi or just have an in-depth general knowledge then you will know that an exabyte is a really, really long number – something like a gigabyte, except a billion times longer. In numerical terms, an exabyte is known as being one quinti... Read More
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The iLink247 process management platform is a software suite of proprietary developed business management modules each designed and configured to meet an individual company, organization or enterprise wide requirement
With this in-house, web-based tool, you can analyse your voice and data usage across your business and make the necessary adjustments as required…
Gridtraq is at the forefront of technology with the latest innovations incorporating GPS/GSM/ GPRS Vehicle Management Solutions…
Here at the Webhouse Group we pride ourselves on the various software solutions our company offers. iLink Air is an in-house content management platform that allows us to continually develop our software processes and programmes, ensuring streamlined, systematic website development for all our clients.
Webhouse Software Solutions specialises in developing Business Process Management Systems that are designed to increase the productivity of your business…
With this unique service offered by Webhouse, you are offered complete control over the management of online processes involved in estate management. We offer control over the following: the property directory, estate billing, the owner's directory, leases directory, contractors, gate control as well as transport manager functionality.
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Our in-house content management engine makes it easier to create and publish content, to co-ordinate teams of authors and editors, to control branding and to reuse content across multiple channels

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