Web Design is our sweet spot.

Every concept starts with design, and our designers are constantly looking for new ways to wow you.

We’ll let the experts handle this, shall we?

Our in-house CME creates and publishes content in a standard format without the end-user needing to know HTML or other programming languages

Search Engine Optimisation

We pride ourselves on our SEO processes and are devoted to creating a space for your online identity that will not be swallowed up by the vastness of the internet


Ever heard of having an “online identity”? Well, this happens to be our speciality.
We aim to create effective online presence for all our clients through innovative, custom web design. To add to this we offer your online identity longevity and top-rate visibility on major search engines...


Marketing Strategy

Twitter and Facebook are a company’s essential tools for engaging with potential or existing clients. Use it!

Web Development

Your big ideas deserve equally exciting solutions. We work with multiple technologies to produce the most effective applications.


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Ilink 247
Insight Plus
Grid Traq
Ilink Air
Business Solutions
Estate Management
Webhouse Stratatel
In-house CME (Manage)
The iLink247 process management platform is a software suite of proprietary developed business management modules each designed and configured to meet an individual company, organization or enterprise wide requirement
With this in-house, web-based tool, you can analyse your voice and data usage across your business and make the necessary adjustments as required…
Gridtraq is at the forefront of technology with the latest innovations incorporating GPS/GSM/ GPRS Vehicle Management Solutions…
Here at the Webhouse Group we pride ourselves on the various software solutions our company offers. iLink Air is an in-house content management platform that allows us to continually develop our software processes and programmes, ensuring streamlined, systematic website development for all our clients.
Webhouse Software Solutions specialises in developing Business Process Management Systems that are designed to increase the productivity of your business…
With this unique service offered by Webhouse, you are offered complete control over the management of online processes involved in estate management. We offer control over the following: the property directory, estate billing, the owner's directory, leases directory, contractors, gate control as well as transport manager functionality.
Telecommunication Expense Management Solutions
Our in-house content management engine makes it easier to create and publish content, to co-ordinate teams of authors and editors, to control branding and to reuse content across multiple channels
Keeping it simple in today’s day and age does not refer to “dumbing things down” (ok, maybe it does a little). It is, in fact, a way of simplifying processes, outlooks, layouts, styles, guidelines and visuals in order to become more “efficient”, in order to maximize time, so that we can get more done. This is the way the world works today – squeezing every waking minute out of a 24-hour day, in the hopes of maybe making it a 25-hour day, a race to beat the clock and win at achieving daily tasks – no matter what they may be.
Thus, the world has naturally gravitated toward simplicity, and with this simplicity we have managed to make our lives infinitely more complicated. Ah, the double-edged sword. But, I digress, and what I actually mean to talk about is simplicity within the design sector as well as functionality of the online world.  Here at Webhouse we have developed a strategy to both steam-line design and development time as well as user functionality, in the form of our template website packages.
Each template offers simple, sleek design – where your content and visuals are laid out in a user-friendly manner – without losing a sense of creativity or individuality. To add to this, our template sites are 100% responsive, designed to scale down or up to a variety of screen sizes, ranging from your standard Android mobile phone, right through to a 21-inch Mac screen, therefore enabling you to reach your audience at all times of the day, where ever they are. Our template sites are pre-designed in a variety of styles and layouts, all we need from our clients is their desired colour scheme, company logo and company content, the rest only takes a matter of days. This process for us as  a website development company, cuts down on a lot of design time and with the exception of additional Java Script and jQuery functionality which can be added to these template sites, also cuts down on a great deal of “cut up” or development time too. So basically, it’s a win-win situation.
Are template sites the future for website development companies? Some may argue that it is the “death of a graphic designer” to have to design within a small, responsive grid, ultimately being quite limited. But it is also argued that this process is made more simple, streamlined, ultimately saves costs and appeals to a wider audience.
Please have a look at some of our template designs to follow.
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