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At Webhouse we have three core beliefs: passion, innovation and being online

Who We Are

Our people are passionate, our products, solutions and thought processes are innovative and we believe that being online is the future - benefitting your business exponentially.

More than just basic websites - here at Webhouse we offer web-based business solutions and provide our clients with customised online marketing solutions that aid in building and growing the reputation of your business. 

To generate valuable business returns from your investment. We also provide an experienced and committed management team offering you advice, information and support that is needed to develop and maintain leading websites as well as e-commerce solutions.

To offer sound support for all online marketing and technical support matters in a professional, friendly and cost efficient manner. 


Our General Managers

Allen Hartley 
Julie Ramchander 
Calvin Hartley  
Jeremy Davidson 


Ilink 247
Insight Plus
Grid Traq
Ilink Air
Business Solutions
Estate Management
Webhouse Stratatel
In-house CME (Manage)
The iLink247 process management platform is a software suite of proprietary developed business management modules each designed and configured to meet an individual company, organization or enterprise wide requirement
With this in-house, web-based tool, you can analyse your voice and data usage across your business and make the necessary adjustments as required…
Gridtraq is at the forefront of technology with the latest innovations incorporating GPS/GSM/ GPRS Vehicle Management Solutions…
Here at the Webhouse Group we pride ourselves on the various software solutions our company offers. iLink Air is an in-house content management platform that allows us to continually develop our software processes and programmes, ensuring streamlined, systematic website development for all our clients.
Webhouse Software Solutions specialises in developing Business Process Management Systems that are designed to increase the productivity of your business…
With this unique service offered by Webhouse, you are offered complete control over the management of online processes involved in estate management. We offer control over the following: the property directory, estate billing, the owner's directory, leases directory, contractors, gate control as well as transport manager functionality.
Telecommunication Expense Management Solutions
Our in-house content management engine makes it easier to create and publish content, to co-ordinate teams of authors and editors, to control branding and to reuse content across multiple channels

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Webhouse Group South Africa
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Webhouse Group Australia & New Zealand
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