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The Webhouse Estate Manager

Our Estate Management Software has been specifically developed and tested for leading housing and golfing estates, with no high-entry costs and has proved to enhance estate management fundamentally. 


The Webhouse Estate Manager has been developed to enhance estate security and ensure the better management and maintenance of estate databases. Along with this, your investment in this revolutionary software will pay for itself by ensuring better staff utilisation in terms of administrative and security personnel, and will result in the savings of atleast one, if not two, full-time staff members. 
The Estate Manager is based on a system of centralised and accurate databases, real-time incident reporting, enhanced reporting, audit trails and enhanced gate and access control. To add to this, our Estate Manager also has the ability to rollback on owner, occupant, visitor and contractor history. 
An added benefit is the fact that the Estate Manager is an intergrated web-based application where all data is managed off-site, including off-site data backups. 

Resident Benefits

The benefits of this Estate Manager for estate residents are numerous. The database allows for seamless communication to residents, including access to information such as newsletters, estate notifications and security evacuation via sms and email (single / bulk) Residents will also have access to your estate website via a resident login page where they are able to view information on estate policies and procedures, notices, minutes of meetings, event calendars, multiple guest lists etc. 

Data Recovery

With the Webhouse Estate Manager you will not have to worry about backups and data recovery. This process, as mentioned above, is managed off-site and is included in your monthly support and hosting fee. Backups will be carried out for you and the application offers a disaster recovery plan. 

Overall Benefits

  • Resident management and control via lot number, house number and street number.
  • Enhances the image of the estate, informing the gate controller systematically of resident addresses should they receive a visitor. 
  • License and support fees make the products abd support sustainable. 
  • The application is fully scalable which can be developed on our iLink platform at a fraction of the normal cost as well as intergrated into other applications. 



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