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Content Generation

Content Creation

A successful website is kept fresh by constant updates, especially if they are applied to your content. Content generation and copywriting is a service we offer all our clients - from writing your website's content from scratch, to editing, proofreading, and amending into an "SEO friendly state", our online copywriter has the knowledge and the experience.

Why Content is King:

In the SEO world content is king, many people are under the impression that content need not be a priority when it comes to creating a website, but oh, contraire. Google search engine spiders and Bing search bots only search through content, so no matter how flashy and shiny your site’s images are, it is guaranteed your site will linger in the vast limbo of cyber-space without a decent amount of well- structured content.

The Webhouse Edge:

  • In-depth analysis of your existing content and amending where necessary.
  • Keyword analysis and insertion into specialised SEO fields on our CME.
  • On-page SEO practices
  • Content and concept creation from scratch.
  • Content maintenance and updating
  • SEO report and campaigns run in-house



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