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The Webhouse iLink 247 application is written in and Sequel (SQL). These are just fancy names for programs that build internet compatibility into your Microsoft applications. So, as you may have guessed, the iLinkCME is built to meet Microsoft standards. iLink is built with128 bit encryption – which allows for the same level of interactivity and quality as internet banking sites. iLink is fully scalable and modular to suit your business requirements – allowing your website to grow as your business grows. To add this, there are various levels of access available, allowing for easy set up to suit your company structure. We pride ourselves on being one of the only CME distributors in Sub-Saharan Africa that also offers internal support - 24/7, as well as training on how to operate the CME from the comfort of your own work or home computer.

iLink CME Functionality

  • Login Screen
Each user will have the ability to login to their site from any location in the world. All you need is a PC / Mac and an internet connection. Once they have entered their username and password they will gain access to the website administration console.
  • Homepage Manager
This area allows the user to make changes to the sites homepage easily using the “What You See Is What You Get” (WYSIWYG) editor.  Clients will be able to insert text, images, documents, video and even flash files onto the Home Page of the website. If you can send an email you can change your website home page.
  • Page Manager
The Page Manager allows users to build advanced sites with unlimited pages in minutes. Users will be able to add, edit and delete pages from their site easily using the page manager.  Pages can be added and edited and once the user is happy with the page they can be set to active and the page will automatically be added to the sites menu structure.  Pages can also be ordered in the menu so you have total control as to where the link will appear in your menu.  The same WYSIWYG editor from the Homepage Manager is used to edit the pages.
  • File Manager
Files can be uploaded into various categories that are created by the user.  By creating and adding files into categories the user can easily manage and store various documents online.  Multiple files can be uploaded at once and a progress bar will show the user the status of the upload.
  • Image Manager
The image manager is used to store and manage images that will be used in the sites pages.  It works much in the same way as the File Manager allowing the user to save images in categories.  When the users move their mouse over the file name a pop-up will appear with a thumbnail of the image for previewing purposes.
  • Form Manager
The Form Manager is what sets the Webhouse Content Management System (CMS) apart from off-the-shelf products. The Form Manager allows the user to easily create forms to be placed within the website. These can be anything from simple Contact Us forms to more complex eNewsletter Registration forms.
  • User Manager
The User Manager enables clients to password protect any page within their website. Unlimited users can then be created and provided with individual logins to any of these secure pages. Great for sharing internal documents with remote offices.
  • Image Gallery
The Image Gallery allows clients to create unlimted Image Galleries, each with the ability to hold a vast amount of images. Each image can be captioned for ease of reference, also assisting with Google organic Search Rankings. The Image Galleries can be added to any page on the website.
  • News Manager
Upload and manage news articles on your website keeping your customers up to date with new specials, events or general company news. Improve your communication with website visitors and increase your natural search page ranking by updating your news on a regular basis.
  • Events Calendar
Having an event? Create and manage your events on a calendar style layout for customers to easily see what events are scheduled and when. Promote training sessions and events.
  • Video Manager
Want to place Video on your website. Whether it is a video on your PC / Mac or a video already on Youtube, this simple tools allows you to add Video to your website.
  • Blog
Want to create an interactive Blog. A Blog is a great way to bring website visitors back to your website. Blogs that are updated on a regular basis will assist your organic Search Engine rankings.
  • Products Catalogue e-Commerce
Whether it is a simple catalogue showcasing your product information or a fully functional shopping cart housing thousands of line items, the Webhouse Product Catalogue will effectively deliver your items to the world and increase your bottom line.



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