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The Webhouse Group is a full-service web design, web development, programming 
and hosting company. At The Webhouse Group we provide a free consultation to every caller.
Call our South African office on  +27 31 580 2300 or our  Australian office on  +61 434378600 to learn more about our approach to design
and programming.

Web Design

Web design is our sweet spot. We create custom-designed, easily accessible websites that are tracked by our SEO experts and ensure your website ranks right up there on popular search engines such as Google and Bing. We have three main branches that offer our web design and quotation services based in Durban, Perth and Melbourne.

The Webhouse Edge:

  • We are professional.
  • We are innovative.
  • We have international experience.
  • You get to choose from an array of responsive designed web templates
  • OR you can create your own custom design.
  • Our in-house Content Management Engine (CME) ensures your website has a solid foundation.
  • Our CME allows you to self-edit your website.
  • All websites are built in HTML5, responsive to fit nearly any screen size on the market.
Concept Designs: Meet with our in-house Designer, Copywriter and Online Strategist to brainstorm your design concept and content.

Template Design

We have a library of designs and styles ready to be made in to a website within days if you’re ready for that. It is so easy it is done in 3 steps - you pick the design, you give us all your logos and content, and we give you a website. The trick is having everything ready because we work fast and the site can only be made as fast as you give us content.
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Our Process

We have structured our developemnt process to keep you the client informed and abreast of your project all the time. View Development Phases.

Concept Designs: Meet with a designer, copywriter and Online stratergist to brainstorm your design concept and content. 


Template Designs: Choose from our library of template concepts and choose a template that best suits your needs. 


Corporate Identity Packages: Meet with a designer and Online Stratergist to conceptualise your company's identity.




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Webhouse Group South Africa
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Sales: sales@webhousegroup.com
Support: support@webhousegroup.com

Webhouse Group Australia & New Zealand
Tel: +61434378600
Sales: aus-sales@webhousegroup.com
Support: support@webhousegroup.com

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