How does the SEO campaign work? 

The SEO campaign itself is fairly simple - we use an analytics site called that pulls in your site traffic data from Google Analytics, tabling the number of site visits you receive per week, the number of incoming links to your site and the quailty of those links, the most popular pages on your website, how often a visitor spends on a particular page, your domain authority, or popularity, on the internet as a whole and much more. 

To begin the campaign all we need from you, the client,  is a list of keywords you would associate your business with, three competitor companies and their website addresses and a chance to look at / edit your website content where our in-house copywriter and SEO specialist sees fit. 

From here our SEO specialist will set up a Google Analytics profile for you as well as the SEO campaign itself and you will receive detailed weekly reports on your site traffic, as well as monthly breakdown reports of how your campaign is fairing overall. You are not obligated to sign into any contract with us and can run a month-to-month campaign with us if you wish. 

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